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Reasons Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating and How to Stop It

Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating and How to Stop It


Your phone overheats. But is it happening all by itself, or do you have apps running in the background that you don’t know about? Are you streaming a ton of video, or is the weather simply too hot? It’s difficult to pinpoint just why your smartphone overheats.

Perhaps the device becomes sluggish when hot, or maybe it shuts down until it can cool. Either way, this has to stop.

Let’s look at why your phone overheats and how you can fix it.

Obvious Reasons for Your Phone Overheating

Usually your phone overheating happens from a common cause. These include overuse, or remaining connected to a Bluetooth speaker for too long.

Chances are that you might have closed a few apps or restarted your device in an attempt to troubleshoot. Maybe you’ve even Googled a few phrases based on error messages that you’ve seen.

Almost every time, you’ll come across a collection of the same old reasons for your phone overheating:

  • Your Wi-Fi has been connected for too long.
  • You’ve been playing too many games (often with the additional “it’s not a game console” advice).

By now, no smartphone on the market should overheat for any of these reasons. Let’s look at other causes.

Is Your Phone Really That Hot?

Before continuing, it’s worth taking the time to examine what is hot, and what is not. Your phone under normal use should not be hot. If it is, you have a problem.

However, don’t interpret warm as hot. A slightly warmer feel after playing a game for 15 minutes is normal. But if your phone displays an overheating alert, or you find the device is surprisingly hot to the touch, then you should investigate.

Intensive Camera Use Can Overheat Phones

Phones with top-quality video cameras can end up overheating. This doesn’t happen in all cases, and typically depends on some other factors:

  • Selected resolution and frame rate
  • Screen brightness
  • Environmental temperature

Prolonged camera use can overheat your phone

For example, I recently recorded a video using the front-facing camera, and found my phone soon overheating. This was such a problem to the safe running of the phone that it displayed a warning notice.

In this scenario, my phone was in its flip-cover fake leather case, which features a basic friction stand. The phone was also situated in direct sunlight, although the case shielded it a bit.

While I was using the highest quality settings on the camera, and the video lasted around 20 minutes, it was nevertheless a surprise to receive a warning that the phone would shut down due to overheating.

So while connectivity options, high display brightness, and regular gaming can impact your phone’s temperature, where it is situated and your camera settings can also play a part.

Slow and Overheating? Check for Malware

Malware on your Android device could cause excessive heat. After all, the developers of the malware aren’t exactly interested in the health of your device; they just want your data.

Our look at smartphone malware is a good starting place for dealing with this. If you’ve never enabled app installations from unknown sources, you’re unlikely to have picked anything nasty up.

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Is Your Case Heating Up Your Phone?

Your case is a common heat factor that many smartphone owners overlook.

Many cases are constructed from plastic or have a large amount of plastic. Even those made with leather have the same problem: the phone is insulated, keeping heat in and cold out.

Is your phone's case causing it to overheat?

For safety reasons, as the phone gets warm (particularly during high-performance tasks), it needs to radiate the heat away, and the presence of a case made from an insulated material prevents this. It’s like exercising in a duffel coat.

Your options here aren’t great, however. Removing your phone from the case is a good start, but if you’re uncomfortable with this (perhaps taking extra care to maintain its resell value), then it is not a viable long-term option.

Check Your Battery and Charger Cable

Another aspect to consider is the state of your battery and the chraging cable.

If you have an older phone that’s been overcharged many times (you should never charge to 100% if you can help it; regularly charge to 80-90% to keep the battery healthy), then smartphone overheating can occur. Our tips on improving smartphone battery life should help here.

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Phones should not get hot enough to cause problems when charging. If this occurs, the reason could be a damaged battery, a poor-quality charging cable, or a problem with the port.

First try replacing the cable. If this doesn’t help, it’s time think about replacing the battery.

Replace a removable battery if it is overheating

If this isn’t possible (an increasing trend for unibody phones) consider contacting your phone manufacturer about a replacement.

Does Wi-Fi Overheat Your Phone?

Well, no. But your smartphone could overheat due to overuse of Wi-Fi.

Android users are susceptible to apps running in the background and drawing on resources, such as CPU, Wi-Fi, or mobile internet. If apps run in this way, your device can heat up.

On older versions of Android, the Greenify app enables you to identify resource leeches and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation. However, similar functionality is now included in Android thanks to its battery optimization features.

You can also shut off background mobile data use. Open Settings > Apps & notifications > All apps and select the app you want. Tap Data usage to see its activity and toggle the Background data switch off to disable internet access.

You can also use the Force Stopbutton to close the app immediately.

While this puts background functionality out of service, you can be confident that it also means reduced resource use. This can help to keep your smartphone from overheating.

Ways to Cool Your Phone and Keep It Efficient

Have you been hit by your smartphone getting too hot and slowing—or worse, shutting down? If so, try the following steps to cool your phone down again:

  • Remove the phone’s case
  • Switch on airplane mode to disable all connectivity
  • Move it from direct sunlight
  • Direct a fan at your phone (but don’t put it in a fridge, freezer, or cooler)
  • Reduce the display brightness

Once you’ve done this, try the following to avoid further overheats:

  • Use Battery Saver mode
  • Clean up your phone to remove junk files
  • Reduce Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS use unless needed

Not only should your phone stop overheating again, but the battery should last longer! Beyond overheating, there are plenty of apps you can use to check if your Android is functioning properly.

As a safety feature, phones and tablets are designed to shut down in extreme temperatures. You’ll just need to wait for it to recover from the high temperatures to put the above into practice. Meanwhile, here’s what to do if your phone or tablet won’t switch on.

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The 15 Best Two-Player Mobile Games to Play Anywhere

Are you bored in the office? Or perhaps you’re trying to pass the time while relaxing on vacation. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, two-player mobile games are one of the best ways to while away your free time.

So, with that in mind, here are the best two-player mobile games that you can play on the same device, separate phones, or over the internet…

Two-Player Games to Play on the Same Device

1. Dots and Boxes

Genre: Strategy

Dots and Boxes turns a traditional childhood pen-and-paper game into a convenient way to kill time with your phone. With local multiplayer, two people can play the game using the same Android or iOS device.

This offline functionality makes it useful when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. It’s a simple, yet competitive and addictive game.

Download: Dots and Boxes for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Crossy Road

Genre: Arcade

Crossy Road takes inspiration from the classic retro game Frogger, delivering the same frustrating and addictive gameplay with a fun block aesthetic. The two-player mode allows you to play on the same device using a split-screen format for input.

You can simultaneously compete with and sabotage your opponent. The game also works with Android TV, allowing you to play on a larger screen.

Download: Crossy Road for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Glow Hockey 2

Genre: Arcade

Another real-world classic turned into a fun mobile game is Glow Hockey 2, bringing air hockey to your phone. While a smartphone or tablet screen makes the physical scale of the game much smaller, the competitive stakes feel the same, making it a great game for two players.

The gameplay is simple, yet incredibly fun. Use your finger to guide your striker. Then try to get the puck into your opponent’s goal while simultaneously defending your own goal.

Download: Glow Hockey 2 for AndroidiOS (Free)

4. Badland

Genre: Adventure/Sidescroller

If you’re looking for something a little different, Badland is a unique title with a great art-style that the critics have praised. The aim of the game is to guide your blob through obstacles until you reach the end of the stage.

The game has both co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes. You play on the same device, which is the best way to coordinate your characters in real-time.

Download: Badland for Android | iOS(Free)

5. Duel Otters

Genre: Compilation

Duel Otters is the perfect local multiplayer mobile game for some quick, competitive fun. It is packed with simple mini-games that rely on reflexes, timing, and coordination.

Dueling mini-games include pong-type batting games, matching games, speed-clicking matches, counting games, and an assortment of other fast and frenetic games.

Download: Duel Otters for Android | iOS (Free)

Two-Player Mobile Games That You Play Online

6. Bowmasters

Genre: Action/Fighting

Bowmasters combines ragdoll physics, a charming art style, and cartoon violence to create a game that is fiendishly fun. The aim is to eliminate your opponent by lobbing a weapon towards them. Calculating the trajectory of your weapon is half the fun. Meanwhile, the other half is landing the target and watching your friend’s dismay.

Before you can unlock the game’s PvP modes, you will need to complete the tutorial and a few matches. After that, two players can compete on the same device or online.

Download: Bowmasters for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Words With Friends 2

Genre: Word

After the success that was the Scrabble-inspired game Words With Friends, Zynga launched Words With Friends 2—an updated version. Two-player Android games that emulate classic board games are notoriously popular and this one is no different.

You can play online either with random opponents or friends. Another benefit of the game is that if you’re interrupted, you can continue your turn later.

Download: Words With Friends 2 for Android | iOS (Free)

8. Clash Royale

Genre: Card/Strategy

Clash Royale comes from the creators of Clash of Clans and is a mixture of a battle card and tower defense game. Opponents draw attackers and defenders from their deck of cards, with the aim of destroying the competitor’s towers before your own are destroyed.

You’ll need to finish the tutorial before you can play against a friend. Once you unlock this mode, you simply need to add your friend and start a match.

Download: Clash Royale for Android | iOS (Free)

9. Battlelands Royale

Genre: Battle Royale/Shooter

Battlelands Royale is a battle royale game similar to Fortnite and PUBG, but doesn’t require as much strategy or a high-end device. It’s great for short bouts of gaming with a friend, who you can team up with online through the game in its duos and squad modes.

Controls are simple and games are short, making it perfect as a quick time-waster for two players.

Download: Battlelands Royale for Android | iOS (Free)

10. QuizUp

Genre: Trivia

A great way to pass the time is by testing out your trivia knowledge. QuizUp raises the stakes by allowing you to directly compete with other people. Like real quizzes, the match happens in real-time rather than using a turn-based system. Your goal is to answer quickly and correctly, outscoring your opponent.

To invite a friend to a match, you will need to add their username to your friends list in the game.

Download: QuizUp for Android | iOS(Free)

11. Boggle With Friends

Genre: Word

Boggle is another traditional word game that Zynga has turned into a mobile success. In Boggle With Friends, the aim is to find as many words as possible from a randomly generated set of letters. However, you can only connect letters adjacent to each other (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally). You win if you reach a higher number of points than your opponent before the timer runs out.

While each round is timed, the timer only starts once you start your turn. This means that you can play the game whenever you have time to spare.

Download: Boggle With Friends for Android | iOS (Free)

Two-Player Games You Play Over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

12. Sea Battle 2

Genre: Strategy

Sea Battle 2 is a Battleship-inspired game with an interesting pen-and-paper aesthetic. You can play with a friend on the same device, connecting via Bluetooth, sending a game invite, or joining online. Since secrecy is a major element of gameplay, it’s better not to play the game on the same screen—but the option is there.

Download: Sea Battle 2 on Android | iOS (Free)

13. Soul Knight

Genre: Dungeon/Roguelike

Soul Knight is an incredibly fun dungeon crawler, reminiscent of games like Enter the Gungeon. Considering the simple controls and repetitive cycle of the genre’s gameplay, roguelike games on mobileare the perfect package.

5 Intense Roguelikes for iOS: Survive If You Can!Looking for some challenging roguelike games on iOS? Here are five awesome titles that provide a different experience every time and will test your skills.Read More

You can play with friends by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network. The game will automatically detect whether someone connected to your network is hosting a match.

Download: Soul Knight for Android | iOS (Free)

14. Terraria

Genre: Sandbox

While most of these games are designed for short bouts of gameplay, Terraria is a multiplayer mobile game that you can spend hours playing. It is a mobile port of the popular PC game and allows you to play with friends using local Wi-Fi or by connecting to a PC-hosted dedicated mobile server.

It’s an inexpensive way for two players to enjoy a mobile game together and offers an experience well worth the price tag.

Download: Terraria for Android | iOS($4.99)

15. Tank Stars

Genre: Tactical

Tank Stars is a Worms-inspired tactical game that has a very similar graphical style to Bowmasters. The variety of tanks and weapons, combined with the precision element of aiming, makes the game a fulfilling way to challenge your friends.

You can play on the same device or by connecting over the same Wi-Fi network. However, both modes need to be unlocked by completing a few practice AI matches.

Download: Tank Stars for Android | iOS (Free)

More Mobile Games to Add to Your Collection

While mobile games were once seen as overly simplistic and repetitive, they’ve evolved to become a massive phenomenon.  You’ll still find idle clickers and match-three games, but there are also many amazing titles out there.

If you want to add some more awesome mobile games to your collection, make sure to check out our list of the best hidden-gem mobile games you should try.

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