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Beginning The Revelation

A Christian poem about the Genesis beginnings to the Revelation of the Glory of the Lord. So you still can’t accept Adam and Eve? Then closed, you’re unable to understand your beliefs You see, even though It was so long ago They are the start of the race The foundation, you know! Jesus Is. In the beginning. Along with the Word Our Lord God Almighty Creating speaks Man, he has heard Thereupon with patient purpose The serpent strikes with a lie Blurring the vision of Truth We now wonder why – How, where, who, what Confusion, clouding and Truth is forgot And so it began, the story unfolds But too many versions too many times told Take notice there’s always But one simple Truth Yet so many lies all donning a suit The trick is to stick To God’s good Word Seeing every lie crumble The ringing Truth can be heard The fall of man came Though Jesus carried the blame With a purpose and plan To restore all of man He’s the all seeing Author With control and command That stepped into HiSt

This is the most hilarious" Twitter users react to the dress a lady asked for and what she given

A Twitter user shared photos of the dress her cousin asked for and what her tailor made for her, and the end result has amused Twitter users.   "What my cousin ordered VS what she got," @KillQupid_ wrote as she shared the photos of both dresses online.   Some Twitter users said the tailor tried while some said the difference between both dresses is hilarious.   See below.    


Oh I think it's time, time time We stand apart  In line, line ,line And we wait, wait, wait HEY! So hold on, wait just a minute  Let's get right down everyone Bend your knees to the ground and feel  Feel the earth for the first time, Feel for real And breathe  Breathe deep Now turn your thoughts upon Jesus Christ  Just remain  Draw near Surrender to His Glory His Majesty  Draw near Know He is Lord of all. Let your heart cry out His Name in praise  And thanks for all the life He has made  See He alone has the Power To carry you through this hour  Draw near, near, here Weep, weep, release your pain As He calls to you Be born again Born of spirit now not just flesh  Follow, listen, discern, rest Do not run out into the world  Or fall for deceptions miracle call We've entered a time when evil abounds And the devil seeks to devour  To give you a mark Of the beast of the dark  But remembering Jesus' power - Trust in Him till the end of days When the sun is darkene

Coronavirus: UEFA postpone all Champions League and Europa League matches 'until further notice...

UEFA has postponed all Champions League and Europa League matches “until further notice” due to the Coronavirus pandemic.   All international fixtures in June including Euro 2020 play-offs involving Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland, as well as qualifying matches for the Women's European Championships in 2021 were called off.    The finals of the Champions League, Europa League and women's Champions League, all of which were scheduled for May, had already been postponed before now.   The European football's governing body made the announcement on Wednesday following a meeting with its 55 member associations via video conference.    UEFA also cancelled the European U17 Championship final tournament scheduled for May 2020 and the European Women's U19 Championship finals due to take place in July this year.   According to the Independent UK, UEFA want this season to be finished before the start of another which could even see the Champions

Howard Pittman's Near-Death Experience

    Howard Pittman's photo.  Howard O. Pittman was a Baptist minister for 35 years after being a law enforcement officer for 26 years. On August 3, 1979, his aortic artery ruptured and, within hours, he suffered physical death. His spirit was lifted from his body by his guardian angels and taken into what he refers to as the "Second Heaven" or "Satan's dominion" which is known by NDE researchers as the "Earthbound realm". While Reverend Pittman was there, he was allowed to see many startling things corresponding with other testimonies of other NDE experiencers who have visited this realm. Angels took Reverend Pittman to what he refers to as the "Third Heaven" which the Apostle Paul also mentions in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4. While in the Third Heaven, Reverend Pittman appeared before the Throne of God where he pleaded for an extension of his physical life. The "God of wrath" whom Reverend Pittman expected to see after dea