Beginning The Revelation

A Christian poem about the Genesis beginnings to the Revelation of the Glory of the Lord.

So you still can’t accept Adam and Eve?

Then closed, you’re unable to understand your beliefs

You see, even though

It was so long ago

They are the start of the race

The foundation, you know!

Jesus Is. In the beginning. Along with the Word

Our Lord God Almighty

Creating speaks

Man, he has heard

Thereupon with patient purpose

The serpent strikes with a lie

Blurring the vision of Truth

We now wonder why –

How, where, who, what

Confusion, clouding and Truth is forgot

And so it began, the story unfolds

But too many versions too many times told

Take notice there’s always

But one simple Truth

Yet so many lies all donning a suit

The trick is to stick

To God’s good Word

Seeing every lie crumble

The ringing Truth can be heard

The fall of man came

Though Jesus carried the blame

With a purpose and plan

To restore all of man

He’s the all seeing Author

With control and command

That stepped into HiStory

To walk out His plan

Guiding the Way

With the footsteps of man

The Lord our creator

The Lord is our Saviour!

Have faith in Him brethren

He cried “it’s finished”, remember?

So look up to Jesus

Look up above

Know who He is

And rest in His Love

Watching, see Him as He comes on the clouds

Singing praising His Name

Heavens angels sing loud

Music declaring His Glory around

The universe ringing with Truth singing now!



Praise His Holy Name

Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty

The Father and the Son

Crowned in Glory

Enthroned brightly

Beaming triumphant be come!

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