Oh I think it's time, time time
We stand apart 
In line, line ,line
And we wait, wait, wait

HEY! So hold on, wait just a minute 
Let's get right down everyone
Bend your knees to the ground and feel 
Feel the earth for the first time,
Feel for real

And breathe 
Breathe deep

Now turn your thoughts upon Jesus Christ 
Just remain 
Draw near
Surrender to His Glory
His Majesty 
Draw near
Know He is Lord of all.

Let your heart cry out His Name in praise 
And thanks for all the life He has made 
See He alone has the Power
To carry you through this hour 
Draw near, near, here

Weep, weep, release your pain
As He calls to you
Be born again
Born of spirit now not just flesh 
Follow, listen, discern, rest

Do not run out into the world 
Or fall for deceptions miracle call

We've entered a time when evil abounds
And the devil seeks to devour 
To give you a mark
Of the beast of the dark 
But remembering Jesus' power -

Trust in Him till the end of days
When the sun is darkened
The moon holds no rays
When the stars shake and fall
We hear that trumpet call

All of heavens angels appear in the clouds 
And the Son of Man comes with great Glory and Power
The angels gathering from every direction 
His elect from the earth
To receive His Salvation 
To bow and be given crowns of glory
As every soul gives an account for his story 

Hell and death are cast into the lake of fire
As is every evil name not found in the Lamb's Book of Life

The new heaven and earth come down as a bride
For the Lord whose the temple of men and their light.



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