You didn’t know my teeth was growing when your dick was getting hard in my mouth, fucking !diot- Angel blast Boyfriend - video

BBNaija ''Shine Ya Eye'' housemates, Angel and Boyfriend, had a serious clash in the house last night, September 22.


Angel was angry at Boyfriend over the ''silly jokes'' he made while the housemates were still in a confused state over Nini's disappearance.

While they all deliberated on how Nini disappeared from the house, some of them insinuated that Nini might be a fake housemate, with Angel stating that Nini asked her about having fake housemates in the house.


Boyfriend confronted Angel for not talking about it earlier but Angel clapped back, telling him that she had said it earlier and he should shut up.


In response, the 36-year-old actor said, “This one that doesn’t know how to talk to someone. This one that’s still growing teeth.”


Angel was not having any of the jokes as she started to blast boyfriend.

“Stop the silly jokes. It’s getting boring. I’ve told him before. It’s not funny” the 21-year-old housemate said


Whitemoney stepped in and said “Angel, it’s okay.”


Facing boyfriend, Angel said “Don’t tell me it’s okay. I’ve warned you and I’ll warn you again. Shut up. The jokes are getting boring. Don’t be stupid. If you want to make your stupid silly jokes, don’t make them when I’m around you.”


Responding to his comment that she is still growing teeth, Angel said 


''You did not know that my teeth was still growing when your d!ck was getting hard in my mouth. Fucking idiot''




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