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Best vr box eyeglass for movies under 1000

Virtual Reality is one of the real experience-based programs. It is one of the powerful and most effective methods for getting the actual experience while we are on the screen. Nowadays the popularity of such VR is not only limited to research, information collection, and other higher authorities. These days, the popularity of VR is getting wider day today. For this here we have mentioned the 5 best VR Box for movies under 1000.

Due to Its advanced technology, the price is not so much cheaper than other products. to get the best VR under 1000 is not a simple task for your movies at the home. Anyway, here we have collected the 5 best VR under 1000 for smartphones.

 Best vr box for movies under 1000

Things to Consider Before buying the VR Box (Headsets) for Movies

It’s a very important factor to be known by almost all VR Box users to find the best VR. because of this here we have mentioned some points that you need to keep in mind before finding out the list of Best VR Box for Movies under 1000.

Compatibility – Make sure the VR Box that you are going to buy is compatible with your smartphones. You need to keep in mind that the basic requirement to run VR is to have the Gyro sensor.

Display Quality – You need to find the quality of the display, its resolution, refresh rate, etc. for a better experience.

Weight – Weight is also the major point to be kept in mind before buying the VR. It is better to go for the lightweight VR box for longer hours. Because you’ve to wear this VR Box.

Design &  Value – The physical part and its looking are also the major factor that makes you to buy that product. Due to this make sure the VR Box is valuable in terms of its price, design, portability, display, and compatibility.

5 Best VR Box for Movies Under 1000

Here’s the list of 5 best VR for movies under 1000 INR,

1. Irusu Mini VR 3D Glasses VR Headset

Irusu Mini is one of the perfect VR I got around the budget. Here, we can find the 42mm Bigger HD Glass for the optical resin. This Headset comes to with the support of 3D that makes it more compatible.

Here we can get the impressive VR experience with the 3-way adjustable head strap that makes you feel more comfortable while using. Its leather cushion with high quality makes you more comfortable while you’re in the reality of the movies.

Its smartphone compatibility features meet your need to get the full experience in your smartphones. For that, you need to have smartphones with the support of a Gyroscope sensor. This VR headset is perfect for your smartphones having a screen size from 4.7-6.69 inches.


  • Impressive and better physical design
  • Compatible for all smartphones either Android or iOS
  • Comes with the interpupillary distance arrangement
  • Advance HD Optical lens


  • Lacks remote controller
  • Difficult in cleaning the water droplets

2. GLE VR Headset Glass With Anti-Radiation

GLE VR comes with the Anti-Radiation adjustable screen that makes the VR experience safe and better. Yes, we can find the best adjustable screen that makes your watching experience  better than usual.

For a simple change in all ages of people, we can find the T-Shaped straps. With its well-built design, you don’t need to apply more pressure on your eyes. For a better Virtual Reality experience, you can get a 1000 inches big screen at a distance of 3M.

The 3D Picture effect makes your real-time experience much better. Besides here w can find the 3D VR box 2.0 headset for an immersive experience


  • Comfortable to wear with its T-Shaped Straps
  • Immersive experience with the 3D VR Box 2.0
  • High-Quality VR Box with Black and White Color
  • 1000inches Big Screen feel at the distance of 3M


  • Compatibility for Android OS only

3. GLE VR Headset Glass With AR Screen, Adjustable Screen (Better than above)

This is another best VR Box for movies under 1000 INR. We can find the better quality features in terms of the price. The focal point that attracts you to go for this VR box is its design.

The T-Shaped straps on this headset give the better adjustable for all sizes of people. It’s comfortable to wear for many people and ages. Also, its advanced design makes you give proper relaxation to your eyes meanwhile you are on VR.

There is no doubt the 3D VR Box 2.0 multiplies your VR experience. Watching the 3D Movies, Playing the doubt 3D Games will definitely better with this GLE VR Headset.


  • Premium quality design
  • Comfortable and compatible to use for all with its T-Shaped Straps
  • Impressive VR Experience with the 3D VR 2.0
  • Bigger screen experience
  • Amazing cinematic experience


  • Compatible on Android OS only

4. Drumstone New VR With 3D Glass

It has 3D Glass with a Wireless Video experience. The VR 2.0 headset rolls the super immersive and better experience when you are gaming, watching the movies

The 3D Glass found on this VR gives a better experience while you are on watching the movies. Also, you can get the better and most comfortable experience with the easy adjustment between you and your smartphone.

Drumstone is one of the best VR Box for movies under 1000 that I got with the best VR experience. We can find the support of 3D side-by-side video and a virtual game that makes easy in finding the best VR videos for boosting the level of experience.


  • High-Quality 3D Glass for a better experience
  • Easy adjustment of the distance between you and your smartphone
  • T-Shaped Straps for adjustment and Durable too
  • Offers the 1000 change inches beaching screen
  • Comfortable and relax to your eyes
  •   3D Split Screen


  • Distorted Glass (Sometimes)
  • Not better adjustment (as per the reviewer)

5. Irusu VR With 34mm HD Lens

For a great VR experience, the IRUSU VR Cardboard is perfect for you. it is one of the compatible VR for your smartphones either it’s Android or Ios

IRUSU VR is one of the Google Certified products for a better reality experience for you. Its Premium Quality 34MM large lens gives the greater FOV. Not only that, getting the movies and videos with a better reality is possible for you.

Its hassle-free conductive touch makes you get compatible with all devices. Overall, it’s another best VR under 1000.


  • Certified by Google
  • Compitible for your android and iOS devices, android needs a gyroscope sensor
  • Bigger FOV with the 34mm High-Quality lens


  • Not better lens quality
  • Not suitable for a longer time may hurt your eyes for longer interval

How to Play Video on VR Headset?

To play the VR videos on your VR headset you have to follow these steps,

  • Download the High-Quality Videos/ Movies on your smartphones.
  • Now fit your smartphone on the VR Headset.
  • After that fix/ set the VR Headset with your eye level.
  • Now you have to set the lenses as per your visibility. You need to set the lens of the VR headset with your comfort.
  • Finally Done.

Videos get Blur on VR Headset, How to FIX?

If you are not getting clear Videos while watching on VR, then you need to make sure that everything is okay on your smartphone.

When the smartphone is not fixed correctly, then this problem may arise. To fix that, you need to set the proper focus on your smartphone from the VR Headset. Also, make sure that your smartphone comes with a Gyroscope sensor.

Final Words

Here we have mentioned the list of the 5 best VR Box for movies under 1000. From this list, you get the better and premium level headset for you.



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